First of all, the only way to be poor in America is to have kids.  Don’t want to be poor?  Then don’t have kids.  Next topic.

That’s why there’s more kids than jobs.  But why get mad at the robots?  Why get mad that a robot can now do what a man used to?  Are you angry at your washing machine?  Then why be mad at the machine that builds the washing machine?

And why be mad at migrant workers who cut costs of products in half and do it twice as well.  Or at the Chinese who reduce the costs of goods to practically nothing.  Now, you could object to that on a moral level.  But on a selfish level?  Do you not like cheap fruit and appliances?

Besides, I’m pretty convinced that people haven’t “lost” their jobs, as much as starting refusing to do them.  I remember, during the bottom of the recession, when CNN started running a daily segment where people would come on the air and apply for a job, and more importantly, to complain that they couldn’t get one.

But they always told the same story.  “I have a degree in IT (or whatever) and am requesting a salary of $70,000/year.”  Or really.  You’re requesting a salary of $70,000 per year.

Waaahhhh.  You know there used to be fuckin men in this country, and they didn’t make $70,000/year.  They worked as janitors.  Plumbers.  A manager at a fast food restaurant.  Or just started in the mail room.  And they didn’t sit around and collect unemployment and bitch about how no one was offering them $70,000 per year.

And they moved to this country to get those jobs.  You’re complaining that you can’t get a teaching job in your town?  How about the fact that people used to wander from place to place in this country looking for a job?  Maybe the problem is just that you expected an economic boom to occur wherever you were standing.  In this country, you’ve always had to move to another town to get a teaching job.  That hasn’t changed.  People have just started complaining about it.

But yeah, of course, the Internet has (and will continue to) cost people a lot of jobs.  There are pros and there are cons to the Internet and automation.  But think what life was like before the Internet.  House-ridden people (disabled, sick or just deformed) used to stare at a TV day in and day out, holding a remote control, clicking the button in the hopes that whatever comes on will be slightly better than staring at a fuckin wall.

Now these poor people have the Internet.  They have a virtual life.  They can go on social media, and they have friends and discussions and Ebay deliveries and a whole fuckin world opens up to them.

So yeah, the “post work economy” is coming.  But for the worst off among us, the elderly and ill, the latest technology will mean giant leaps forward in quality of life.