#9. Dan Aykroyd hasn’t made a movie since 1984 that didn’t suck donkey ass.

coneheadsDr. Detroit, Loose Cannons, My Stepmother Is An Alien, Caddyshack II, Coneheads, Blue Brothers 2000, etc.  (Feel free to vomit if you have to.)

#8. Blue Brothers 2000 shows that Aykroyd revival movies suck donkey ass.


#7. The actors are very old now.

old man

#6. Involves passing torch to “new generation of Ghostbusters”.

new ghostbustersThat just sucks so bad I can’t even describe it.

#5. Ghostbusters II sucked and had no point.

ghostbustes ii

#4. Absolutely no one is asking for this movie to be made except Aykroyd.


#3. No Bill Murray, and he was the main character.


#2. Slime isn’t funny anymore.

slimeThe first movie gave us a funny gag about it.  The second one gave us an entire movie about it.  Please, no more.

#1. No one cares about these characters’ lives.

ghostbusters familyYes, the original was a great movie, but who has ever even bothered to wonder how the Ghostbusters’ kids and marriages have progressed?